More Information About Our Masks

These are 100% cotton sewn masks. These are not medical grade masks nor N95 masks. 

The CDC is now beginning to recommend that all people, whether they are sick or not, begin to wear protective masks when in public to help further slow the spread of COVID-19. While masks cannot completely protect us from the virus, they can help us avoid touching our faces with dirty hands and defend us against some contaminated droplets. Masks should be used alongside other important protection measures, such as practicing social distancing and self-isolation, washing our hands often with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds, and avoiding touching our eyes, noses, and mouths. 

With all that said, we want to share our best recommendations for using these 100% cotton sewn masks: 

  • Wash before first use with like colors. Masks can be dried in the drier, or you can lay flat/hang to dry!
  • Wash after each use in public. 
  • Avoid taking the mask on and off when wearing - it will protect you much better if you leave it on, then don’t touch it again until you take it off!
  • Optional: there is an opening in the bottom of every mask should you like to insert an additional filter. 

If you are still wondering: why cotton? What’s the difference between mask styles? What protective features do these masks really have? Then, please read on!

  • We offer three mask styles, Style A, Style B and Style C to give you a preference of fit. Since you might be wearing these masks for extended periods of time, it’s important you feel comfortable and protected! There is no difference between the level of protection you’d receive from each style, so long as the mask is fitted to your face and you follow the suggested guidelines from above. If you are looking for extended durability and all-day wear we highly suggest Style C, while Style A and B are best for short errands and visits.
  • Each mask is made with 2 layers of 100% cotton. Cotton is an optimal material for sewn masks as cotton tends to be sturdier and less porous than other fabrics. Also, cotton is very easy to wash and care for - and we know washing is key right now!

If you have any additional questions please reach out to One of our team members will be happy to chat with you further!